Marketing & Financing

At Delbrook, we have the experience and the creative know-how to help you market your projects and
listings. With the assistance of our strategic real estate marketing program, we can help you develop an
integrated plan that will maximize the value of your marketing budget. We assist you with campaigning
and with ongoing marketing support, putting your project in front of the crowd and the homes of
thousands of prospective clients and investors in Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding areas. We
want to see you get maximum exposure and succeed.

  • Establish the public perception of your real estate brand
  • Increase awareness of your brand in targeted neighborhood
  • Creating marketing materials to spread your message
  • New Channels for Lead Generation
  • Generate more leads and convert them into actual sales
  • Continually engage with existing and prospective buyers

At the same time, we can help you with all your commercial lending for your projects such as land
financing, site servicing and construction financing and the inventory financing. In addition, we will help
your project purchasers with their financing needs to sell you project quickly and with confidence.