Architectural / Engineering Services

The successful project requires a team of experts and consultants to collaborate in a timely fashion to address all the issues throughout the design and development stage, construction stage and post construction stage and maintenance. At Delbrook, our in-house consultancy arm, Soscia Architects and Professional Engineers provides the following consultancy services for our client projects:

Professional Architectural Services
Our highly professional architects and technologists have the knowledge and skills required to complete any project with high quality and attention to detail. Our team will collaborate with you to ensure your vision is realized, and take your project from conceptual design to final permit drawings.
Our philosophy is designing a building that promotes performance, quality of life, health, and safety while balancing aesthetics and complimenting the surrounding environment.

Highly Experienced Structural Engineers
We are passionate about structural engineering and are committed to applying our expertise to every project from the simplest to the most complex one.
Our philosophy is to create a design that is structurally safe, economical to build, and in keeping with the vision of the Owner and Architect. We will coordinate with all other designers and disciplines to ensure a cohesive and efficient design.

Creative Civil Engineering Solutions
With years of experience, our civil engineers will help you make the best of you site. Our team has designed and completed Greenfield, Brownfield, and infill development projects of all sizes.
We provide a complete package of civil engineering services and offer support from the conceptual phase all the way to construction.

Highly Qualified Mechanical Engineers
Our goal is to provide clients with the most economical and efficient solution for any project. By working closely with manufacturers and focusing on every aspect of your building, we can achieve a design that meets the requirements of the owner while staying on budget.
Our highly qualified engineers are experts at addressing a number of key aspects that can affect the function of your system. We are dedicated to help meet all your design challenges and always maintain the highest standards. Our team is consistently upgrading our techniques and knowledge to provide our clients with the most effective solutions.

Effective Electrical Engineering Services
We understand the importance of proper electrical work, and the effect it has on a building and its components. Our engineers understand and control the specification, distribution, and design of all power and electrical systems. We will provide support throughout all stages of the project.
Our team works diligently to ensure that each project meets the highest standards of efficiency, reliability, and safety. We provide detailed electrical designs and layouts to meet all your project needs.

Sprinkler Engineering
We can design new sprinkler systems or restore and retrofit existing systems to meet the current building code requirements.
Control Fire Systems provides a piece of mind. Our custom designers, tailored engineers, turn key products and code compliant specialists ensure to provide you with the maximum protection for your projects and meet all the standards and applicable by-laws.

Landscape Architecture & Urban Design
We understand the importance of landscape features that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We design places to live, work and play. By balancing the built and natural landscapes, our design approach integrates ecological and environmentally responsive systems with urban patters to improve the health and wellness of our communities.
Through a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach, our urban designers and landscape architects embrace the urban landscape by creating vibrant places where people can gather, create, share ideas and celebrate.

Traffic Engineering
The Traffic Engineering ensures that infrastructure is safe, accessible, and designed for all road users. We provide a full range of traffic engineering services to all kinds of projects from new developments to reconstructing existing infrastructure.

3D Laser Scanning / Scan-to-BIM
With partnership with Tham Surveying Limited, we are specializing in 3D laser scanning for Architecture, Engineering and Construction applications. We deliver express LiDAR geomatics services by means of Terrestrial & Mobile systems.
Our LiDAR service portfolio consist of Topography, Area Survey, Road, Slopes, Bridges, Existing Buildings, Utilities and Pavement.
We also offer Scan to CAD, As Built 3D Models, Road Surveys and BIM (Building Information Modelling).